WAHOMO is a Ukrainian musical band working in neo-folk, ethno-rock and gothic folk-industrial styles. The band was created in 2016 by two producers — Nikti Nitoeff and Lyubov Gook, and works on the transformation of authentic Ukrainian songs into a modern difficult scene.

If the history of industrial-rock music began in Ukraine, it would sound like Wahomo. Can music tell a story? Can it combine different cultures which have always been divided? Can old songs sound like a new wave of rock music? Can they convey the experience of the country and people — the experience of the Revolution, hope and despair, war and peace, life and death? Can music integrate: combine and explain things that can not be explained in a different way?

Lyubov Huk, vocals
Denis Shvets, drums
Maxim Maslak, bass
Olesya Tymoshenko, manager

From 29 to 30 April, 02:00
Night Stage (Azovstal Yacht Club)
Ticket Entry — concert.ua/en/event/night-stage-startup-gogolfest-29-04
Or subscription for Night Stage — concert.ua/en/event/night-stage-startup-gogolfest